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IT Support York region

Welcome to York Region: Navigating IT challenges

Nestled near the bustling city of Toronto, the York Region in Ontario stands as a vibrant hub where technology meets community. This area, rich in diversity and innovation, isn't immune to the digital dilemmas facing today's businesses and institutions.

In November 2023, the York Region District School Board experienced a significant cyber incident, leading to a complete network outage. In a region thriving on innovation, such vulnerabilities underscore the necessity of reliable IT support in the York Region. 

Enter Infoware, the region's trusted IT ally. With a focus on securing your digital environment, our team ensures that your business stays connected and protected against the unpredictable landscape of cyber threats.

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Why Infoware? Discover our game-changing benefits

Infoware IT

In a world where IT is the backbone of every successful business, you need IT services in the York Region that you can trust. 

Immediate response times

When tech issues arise, waiting isn't an option. Our team's 10-minute average response time ensures that your concerns are addressed swiftly and your business remains uninterrupted. 

Unbeatable uptime

Experience the reliability of a 99.9% uptime guarantee with our IT support in the York Region. Our proactive monitoring and maintenance mean your operations run smoothly with less downtime. 

Proven satisfaction

With a 98% customer satisfaction score, our IT services in the York Region are a testament to the trust and confidence our clients place in us. We understand the importance of not just meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Security first

In an era where cyber threats loom large, our cybersecurity expertise is your best defense. Our comprehensive IT security services protect your data and your reputation. 

Tailored IT solutions

Your business is unique, and so are your IT needs. Whether you're a law firm, construction company, or financial service provider, we have the know-how to support your success.

IT Support York region

Proactive IT support in the York Region

We don't just fight fires—we prevent them. Our proactive approach to IT support in the York Region anticipates problems before they even occur. 

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Our best features

Here's how we make a difference


With a legacy of over four decades, we've not just witnessed the evolution of IT; we've led it. Discover how we have made a difference throughout the years. 

Future-proof your business with cloud mastery

Embrace the cloud with our expert cloud solutions. Leveraging partnerships with Microsoft Azure, we offer scalable, secure, and flexible cloud services that support your growth. 

Hassle-free transition to the cloud

Don't just develop cloud mastery; learn how to make the quick and easy transition to the cloud with our help. Our team has successfully migrated over 80% of our clients to cloud-based solutions, making the shift smooth and hassle-free.

Comprehensive IT security compliance

Our top-notch cybersecurity measures are like having a personal security guard for your data, watching over your systems 24/7. We're not just about fixing holes; we're about building walls that keep the bad guys out.

Align technology with the best IT strategy 

Our technology roadmapping process helps you get a clear path through the ever-evolving tech landscape, ensuring your IT investments drive your business forward.

Performance monitoring: Keeping your operations smooth

With our sophisticated performance monitoring tools, we ensure your IT systems are always running at their peak. Minimize your downtime while improving your productivity. 

Expertise across diverse industries

Our managed IT services in the York Region are not one-size-fits-all. We pride ourselves on providing IT solutions that are tailored to various industries.

Managed IT services York Region: Beyond expectations


Looking for IT support that truly understands your business needs in the York Region? Look no further than Infoware.

Accreditations that we won
IT Support york region

Tired of downtimes & unreliable IT support in the York Region? 

We know you're already tired of partnering with unreliable IT support in the York Region. Now's the time for a change. When you partner with us, we'll ensure that we empower your business with cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs. 

Think of our proactive maintenance as your business's new best friend, always there to keep things smooth with our solid 99.9% uptime promise. With us, you're choosing a partner who gets your industry inside out and is all in on your success.

From top-tier cybersecurity defenses to cloud solutions that grow with you, our managed IT services in the York Region stand by as your go-to IT champion.

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Our mark of trust and excellence

Nearby tech titans that are available
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Celebrating our journey of IT leadership

Our commitment to excellence in IT services in the York Region has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, we've been honored with numerous awards and recognitions.

With each award, our team reaffirms its position as a leader in the IT industry, continually setting new standards for quality and reliability.

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York Region's tech titans

IT Support york region

Seneca Polytechnic College Markham Campus

Offering cutting-edge programs in technology and digital media, Seneca stands as a testament to York Region's focus on cultivating future IT professionals.

IT Support york region

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

An emerging tech hub, the VMC is rapidly becoming a focal point for IT and tech companies looking to leverage the region's growth and connectivity.

What our clients say

IT Support york region

Need help? Your 100% satisfaction is our goal! 

At our company, we're not happy unless you are. Our services come with a promise: unparalleled IT support in the York Region that ensures your business's seamless operation. It's simple - we stand by our solutions because your success is our success.

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Recycling programs
IT Support york region

Key resources for York Region businesses

  • Seneca College: Provides courses on IT and cybersecurity, equipping professionals with the necessary skills.
IT Support york region

Recycling and caring programs for the community

Our managed IT services in the York Region are committed not just to IT excellence but to a better world.

We're proud to support local recycling initiatives and charities, turning outdated tech into opportunities for those in need. Join us in making a difference, one device at a time.

Career opportunities here!
IT support York Region: What's your technology status now?
IT Support york region

Join our team: Be our next employee! 

Explore career opportunities with us and become a part of our mission to redefine IT services in the York Region.

Dive into a workplace that values innovation, dedication, and the drive to make a difference. Visit our career page. 

IT Support york region

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Frequently asked questions

How can our IT support link you to crucial child and senior care resources in the York Region?

Our IT support services extend beyond just technical fixes; we provide essential links to community support and resources for caregivers, ensuring families, including those with children and seniors, have access to vital information on child care, emergency services, and senior assistance programs.

Our network includes direct connections to services that promote safety, well-being, and support in times of need.

What emergency IT support services do we offer for York Region businesses?

In the event of an IT emergency, our team is ready to provide urgent assistance and support services to ensure minimal downtime for your business. We understand the importance of quick response times in preserving the safety and operational continuity of your company, especially during critical events.

How does our MSP support childcare facilities with our IT needs?

We specialize in offering IT support and assistance to childcare facilities, just like any industry out there, ensuring they have the technology and security measures in place to safely manage information and access essential online resources. Our services are designed to enhance the well-being and safety of both staff and families.

Can our IT services improve access to mental health and well-being resources?

Yes, our IT services facilitate better access to mental health and well-being resources by ensuring reliable connectivity and secure, easy access to online support services and information for both adults and seniors. We prioritize the availability of these resources to promote community health.

What role do our IT services play in supporting employment and transit systems in the municipality?

Our IT management solutions play a crucial role in supporting local employment agencies and transit systems by providing robust infrastructure and ensuring reliable access to job listings, pay information, and transit updates for York Region residents, thereby enhancing the municipality's operational efficiency.

How do we assist York Region residents experiencing homelessness with our IT services?

We link residents experiencing homelessness to emergency housing and other critical services through our IT support in the York Region, making information on shelter, rental assistance, and counseling services readily accessible. Our technology solutions are tailored to provide support and resources efficiently and compassionately.

How do our IT services support educational and public education initiatives in the York Region?

By providing IT infrastructure and support to educational institutions, we ensure that students and teachers have access to the necessary technological tools and resources for effective learning and public education. Our IT services in the York Region include secure internet access, data management, and online learning platforms, supporting the educational community's evolving needs.