Bridge the gaps in the security of your IT systems

Strengthen your business's defenses with our top-tier managed IT security services in Toronto. From fortifying your network security to ensuring endpoint protection, you can count on us...

Vulnerability scanning services

Dive into the intricate layers of your business's digital framework with our comprehensive vulnerability scanning. By preemptively identifying weak points and potential threats, we'll ensure you’re always ahead of potential risks.

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Security information & event management solutions (managed SIEM)

In the vast world of digital interactions, threats can emerge from the smallest data points. Our SIEM solutions don't just provide oversight—they offer a panoramic view of all security events, ensuring real-time responses to potential threats. It's not about catching a breach; it's about preventing one.

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Data backups & disaster recovery

Natural disasters, power outages, or even human errors can jeopardize your business. But with us by your side, you get more than a backup; you get a contingency plan. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure that your business remains uninterrupted, preserving both data and client trust.

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Cybersecurity Services Toronto

The cyber realm is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging daily. Our cybersecurity services aren't just about defense—they're about empowerment. With state-of-the-art protection algorithms and a vigilant team, we ensure threats are kept not just at bay, but leagues away from your precious data..

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IT Security and Compliance

Whether you’re in law, finance, education, or any industry in between, regulatory compliance is non-negotiable. Our compliance services take the guesswork out of meeting industry standards. We provide you with clear guidelines and implementations, ensuring you always operate within legal and ethical bounds.

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IT security

Is your business truly secure?

Every Greater Toronto business owner has faced that unsettling moment: the thought of a data breach. The ramifications of a cybersecurity threat aren't just technical—they can irreversibly damage your brand, client trust, and financial standing.

You've probably been up late, wondering if your backup system can really save you during a crisis. Or maybe, you've been grappling with unpredictable IT expenses, pondering the move to cloud but drowning in options. And the question echoing is, "What don't I know"?

Enter Infoware – your lifeline to a secure future!


Your security is our business...

Infoware is not just another name in the IT security industry. Since the 1980s, we've made it our mission to secure businesses, starting with law firms and professional service firms. Today, over 85 percent of our loyal clientele operate smoothly in the cloud, thanks to our cybersecurity applications ensuring absolute safety.

Unlike fleeting IT teams, we've served Toronto's SMBs for over 40 years, achieving more than a 99.9% uptime and a client satisfaction score that’s best in class. Our unparalleled longevity in the business and special focus on the legal and professional sectors make us the right partner for you.

Step into a digital future where security concerns don’t overshadow your growth ambitions. It’s time for you to focus on your business, while we shield you from the lurking threats in the cyber world.

Let's help you secure the future of your business...

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