Struggling with your current IT set-up?

Managing on-premises IT infrastructure can be a significant challenge for businesses. Some common issues include scalability constraints, security concerns, high maintenance costs, limited mobility, and disaster recovery challenges. 

Today's fast-paced business environment in Toronto demands seamless operations. Yet, many small to mid-sized businesses struggle with unpredictable IT expenses, cybersecurity concerns, and the often cumbersome process of transitioning to the cloud. But what if there was a solution at hand? What if there are cloud services in Toronto that could help you transform your business from on-premises to the cloud?

Unlock the power of cloud services in Toronto

The traditional ways of doing business have changed, especially with our team at Infoware. With increasing cyber risks and the demand for remote work solutions, businesses need IT solutions that provide greater security and flexibility for their staff. Robust cloud solutions are no longer an option but a necessity today.

How exactly do cloud solutions help? Cloud solutions in Toronto provide your business and employees with the ability to store and access your files, data, and business applications through the Internet instead of a physical server in your office. The benefits of cloud services in Toronto? Improved security and performance, scalability, and the ability to work from anywhere, among others.

Cloud solutions in Toronto with Microsoft Azure

We are proud partners with Microsoft Azure, one of the world's leading cloud platforms. Our expertise is not just in name; it's proven. Azure's myriad of features and capabilities can often be daunting, but our team that handles cloud computing services in Toronto is adept at leveraging them to tailor solutions that best fit your business needs.

We've successfully migrated over 80% of our clients from on-premise servers to the cloud. This isn't just about moving data; it's about transforming operations.

While many managed service providers may have a broad knowledge of the cloud, our profound expertise in Azure and our top-tier managed cloud services in Toronto positions us a cut above the rest. By leveraging our deep understanding and skills in this domain, our clients have seen a substantial reduction in infrastructure issues. This translates to improved productivity and efficiency for end-users.

The key benefits of cloud transition

Getting access to secure cloud services in Toronto offers an array of benefits that can significantly transform your business operations and support growth:


Secure your critical data in Microsoft’s world-class cloud environment and leverage security tools like encryption and single sign-on.


Removes the need for on-site data centers, hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT chores, allowing you to better focus on users and business goals.


Eliminate on-site servers and infrastructure to support them with more flexible and scalable cloud computing services in Toronto.


Backing up your data and business continuity planning are far easier and less expensive as data is mirrored at multiple redundant sites in the cloud.


Access the right amount of IT resources, computing power, storage, and bandwidth when and where they are needed with the best cloud solutions in Toronto. 


Access your critical business applications and data with improved speed and performance from the office or remote locations.

Embrace the future with reliable cloud computing services in Toronto

Ready to transform your IT infrastructure with the best managed cloud services in Toronto? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Let's take your business to the cloud and unlock its full potential together.


"Smooth and seamless transition to the cloud."

"Infoware’s wide-ranging experience working with law firms and their knowledge of the systems and software we need to run our firm gave us the confidence to enlist their services.

Their IT expertise combined with the quality of their service delivery is why we continue to use them to support our firm. Their highly responsive team and dedicated onsite service we receive from them resolves our issues and keeps us up and running."

Robert Brodey, Law Clerk
Gibbs & Associates

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