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Are you tired of endless downtime, security worries, and unpredictable costs?

We understand how frustrating it is when your IT provider is a constant source of stress rather than relief. Slow responses, unexpected expenses, and looming threats of cyber attacks can weigh heavy on you. 

Maybe you’re stuck with outdated technology that hinders your firm’s ability to compete or unsure if your client data is really as secure as it should be. Perhaps your current provider lacks the understanding of the unique challenges your law firm or professional service business faces, leaving you feeling more like a ticket number than a valued client. 

We get it. We’ve listened to countless professionals like you, and we empathize deeply with your situation. It's high time you experienced IT support as it should be— a reliable partner, not another problem.

We have the stats to back it up

40+ years of dedicated local service in Toronto.

Best in class 98%+ Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) over the last 5 years.

A staggering 99.9% uptime for our clients.

Over 135 combined years of IT expertise.

10-minute responses and 1-hour resolutions.

Recognized as a Great Place to Work.

Specialized expertise in legal and professional services.

Consistent, transparent, and fair pricing.

INFOWARE is your trusted path to peace of mind

We're normalizing IT peace of mind for businesses of all sizes

Infoware originated in the 1980s with a straightforward goal: to simplify technology for small and medium-sized law firms and professional service firms in the Greater Toronto Area. We saw the frustrations and complexities these firms encountered and vowed to provide a solution. 

Over the decades, we’ve honed our expertise, always striving to be the caring, steadfast IT partner these businesses deserve. We've been there as the world transitioned into the digital age and guided our clients—85% of whom now operate in the cloud—with care and unparalleled service.

We aren’t just an IT company; we're a dedicated part of your team, ensuring that you can focus on what you do best, while we protect your data and keep your tech seamlessly operating.

What other businesses think about us

A Dedicated Team

"A dedicated team of forthright IT professionals that has assisted our workplace in keeping everything humming along nicely and will go the extra mile (or kilometre!) when the need arises."

Steve Pellerin
Proactive Nature and Swift Response

"Infoware's proactive nature and swift response time truly set them apart. When a critical system issue arose at Everyday Freight in Toronto, they wasted no time in coming to our aid. Their proactive assistance not only resolved the issue promptly but also demonstrated their dedication to our success. I highly recommend Infoware to anyone in need of reliable IT support."

Trvieni Gouramoni
An Invaluable Partner

"Infoware has been an invaluable partner for our small business. Their proactive approach to managing our IT infrastructure has saved us time, money, and headaches. From resolving technical issues swiftly to providing expert guidance on optimizing our systems, their team has consistently gone above and beyond. I highly recommend their services to any business looking for reliable IT support."

Devon Llywellyn

We prioritize your organization's unique needs

Picture this: It's a busy workday, and the last thing you want is an IT hiccup slowing you down. At Infoware, we get that. That's why we boast an impressive 99.99% uptime. We're always in your corner, ensuring smooth sailing so you can focus on what you do best. And if a bump arises? We're on it before you can even blink.

Now, let's talk cybersecurity. It's like the weather - always changing, and sometimes unpredictably so. But with our combined 135 years of IT expertise, always one step ahead of the storm. We won't drown you in jargon. Instead, you'll get straightforward reports that make sense, keeping you in the know without the headache.

We're not only here to fix what's broken. We want to walk alongside you, dreaming big and crafting those IT solutions that turn dreams into reality. When you work with Infoware, it’s like having that knowledgeable friend by your side—always ready with advice, always looking out for you. We're not just another vendor; we're a partner in every sense of the word, genuinely invested in your growth and success.

Experience efficiency like never before with our tailored IT services

Dependable IT support and management

The modern business landscape demands more than just functioning IT. It asks for excellence. Infoware offers unparalleled IT support, transcending the 'fix it when it breaks' mentality. Through proactive monitoring, swift troubleshooting, and strategic insights, we ensure your business technology runs seamlessly. 

Remember the last time your operations halted due to an IT glitch? With Infoware, such moments become a relic of the past. Every business deserves a reliable tech backbone, and our 40 years of impeccable service in Toronto underpins our commitment to giving you just that.

Future-ready Cloud computing/migration

The cloud is not just a trend; it's the future. Infoware’s expertise in cloud computing ensures a seamless transition, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks. With us, migration isn’t about merely moving data; it’s about elevating your business capabilities.

Imagine accessing your data anytime, anywhere, without a glitch. The freedom it offers and the efficiency it guarantees are unmatched. Having guided 85% of our clientele to the cloud, we possess both the vision and skills to harness its potential fully for your business.

Bullet-proof Cybersecurity

In an age of escalating cyber threats, Infoware stands as your shield. Our comprehensive approach, from assessment to implementation and continuous monitoring, ensures that your business is fortified. No more sleepless nights over potential breaches or data theft. 

With us, you're not just getting a cybersecurity service; you’re securing a promise of vigilance and protection. Given that Toronto's bustling business ecosystem is often targeted, our localized expertise becomes your strongest defense.

Fail-proof Business Continuity Solutions

The unexpected can strike anytime. But with Infoware by your side, your business remains resilient. We don't just provide recovery; we ensure continuity. Our solutions are tailored to anticipate potential business disruptions, ensuring minimal downtime. 

Picture a safety net, always ready, ensuring that even in the face of unforeseen challenges, your business not just survives but thrives.

Jargon-free Help Desk support

Every individual in your team is essential, and so are their tech needs. Infoware's end-user support is built on understanding, promptness, and efficiency. 

From basic queries to complex challenges, our helpdesk ensures that your team spends time on their core tasks, not tech issues. Experience a world where every IT query is answered swiftly, every concern addressed proactively, and every team member feels valued.

Enterprise-grade Microsoft solutions

Infoware, as a Microsoft Silver Partner, brings to you the pinnacle of Microsoft solutions tailored for your unique business needs. Navigating the intricate world of compliance? 

Our expertise ensures that your business stays ahead of regulatory demands without compromising efficiency. Dive into a partnership that brings Microsoft's best, tailored for Toronto's dynamic business fabric.

10-minute responses. 24/7 IT support.

Speed, reliability, and security: all in one place.

Our long-standing history with numerous businesses in Toronto has given us firsthand knowledge of the IT challenges they face daily. But more importantly, it’s given us the wisdom to swiftly rectify them, oftentimes faster and more proficiently than other IT firms they've previously partnered with.

While other providers might boast about their technical prowess, our esteemed clientele can attest to our unparalleled responsiveness, deep technical expertise, and unwavering focus on cybersecurity. Our 10-minute response time across the board, as well as 24/7 support, makes us the most logical choice; little wonder why clients stay satisfied.

But beyond expertise and speed lies our ethos: transparent communication and proactive account management. We view every engagement not as a transaction but as a partnership. Your success drives us, and with Infoware by your side, you aren't just getting an IT solution; you're investing in a promise of excellence, collaboration, and unwavering support.

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We custom-create a unique IT plan for your business

Upon your approval, you pass us the keys and go through our seamless onboarding process

We make you IT environment work like a well-oiled machine

You experience "the best IT support you have ever had"

We impress you month after month, to keep the partnership thriving

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