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A calendar for everyone

MasterCal simplifies the scheduling of meetings and events, and vastly reduces the number of confirmation messages Outlook generates. It’s the most efficient way of managing appointments for large groups of people.

MasterCal screenshot


  • Easily manage appointments for a large group of people by centrally managing appointment details through the public calendar
  • Automatically send updates from the public calendar to member calendars
  • Reduce the number of notification messages for each new or changed meeting by eliminating the need for confirmation emails


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  • Define groups of people through a public calendar folder by using individual email addresses or distribution lists
  • Create appointments for all calendar users at once which are copied to each member's personal calendar
  • Update appointment details without the need to send notifications to calendar members
  • Override the default list of calendar attendees for special appointments which do not require all members to attend
  • Integrate Outlook with your Microsoft Exchange server