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Liberate your mailbox

Manage client, file and project based email messages by allowing your users to move or copy emails into public folders. Once moved, shared email messages can be accessed by all staff working on a file.

iMoveMail screenshot


  • Easily access file-related email from Outlook
  • Improve your ability to collaborate on files by sharing centralized emails
  • Eliminate access issues related to emails being stored in personal mailboxes
  • Remove the need to keep client emails stored in personal email archives
  • Minimize the size of your mailbox and reduce the amount of email stored on your server due to duplicate emails


We offer a range of training options to meet the needs of your users and your business. Contact us for details.


  • Ensure all emails are reviewed with the iMoveMail Manager which automatically pops up on close or send of every email
  • Delete, copy or move emails directly from the dialogue screen
  • Flag personal or miscellaneous emails as personal to stop the iMoveMail dialogue from popping up when emails are read
  • Save time with the suggestions offered by iMoveMail which remembers the last file used for specific email senders or the last files you have been working on
  • Choose to store attachments with emails or in a separating filing system
  • Integrate with any SQL or ODBC compliant database to access client and matter information and create a public filing structure