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For over 30 years, Infoware has specialized in Microsoft Office automation helping law firms and other organizations leverage their technology investment.

We specialize in delivering solutions that unify and enhance your Microsoft Office products. Over the years we have developed world-class expertise in Microsoft Word customization, template development and document standards and developed tools to enhance Microsoft Outlook collaboration.

Based on an in-depth understanding of the document creation workflow, we’ve developed Microsoft Office add-ons that take document creation, office productivity and team collaboration to a whole new level.

Infoware software

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Our document software solutions are fully integrated with Microsoft Word, so you can add functionality and ramp up productivity without skipping a beat.

Word LX simplifies and accelerates document creation and revision with the use of templates accessible to everyone on your team.

InForm provides a fast, consistent way to create standardized court documents.

Word Renovation Tools help turn legacy or problem Word documents into clean, safe documents from from meta-data and document history.

Document Assembly Suite saves time and ensures accuracy when creating any document that contains standardized content, such as a contract or a will.

Find Contacts lets you quickly access and input contact information from Outlook when working in Microsoft Word – not just your own contact list, but any Outlook contact list on your network.

At Davies, Infoware's Word LX and InForm applications have been in use for over 10 years. Both greatly improve productivity by reducing the time required to produce high quality legal documents while improving accuracy.

The InForm court form suite streamlines and simplifies form production to ensure consistency and compliance with the Ontario court standards.

We rely on the vast knowledge and expertise of the entire Infoware team in delivering superior product to the benefit of our clients."
— Laura Spendik, Lead, Application Development | Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP